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Our Technique

Life Theatre Services presents scenarios written specifically for the needs of your company. At a high point, the action onstage is stopped and your staff interacts directly with our performers - questioning, advising and working together to provide the best solutions to the problems raised by the scene. In this safe environment your employees can share personal approaches while learning the skills necessary to be effective in today's complex business climate.

What Companies Are Saying About Life Theatre Services

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"The actors were excellent. They each brought a sense of authenticity and honesty to their characters, which truly engaged the audience. I know you created something unique for us, and I'm so appreciative."
Dynell Garron,
Program Manager,
The Gap Inc.
"Your ensemble of actors were able to dramatize a difficult topic in a realistic, thought-provoking manner. The sharing of everyone’s opinion in response to the scenarios made for a most memorable experience. Our team members are still talking about it several weeks later"
Adele Margrave,
Human Resources Manager,

Blue Shield of California

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