What We Do

The beauty of Life Theatre is its simplicity. Each program includes two short plays, a brief informational didactic, and lively interactions with the audience. The cast consists of three professional actors and a facilitator who is a subject-matter expert. We require no major sets, lighting, or microphones, giving us the ability to perform in any space provided.

As their characters, the actors are trained to engage and challenge the audience in examining the actions they saw onstage. This dynamic use of theater, together with sharply written scenarios and talented actors result in programs that stimulate even the most skeptical of audiences. Simply put… thought provoking training sessions that are extremely entertaining!

We Won An Emmy!

Television audiences were introduced to Life Theatre’s unique approach in collaboration with ABC/7.

Our Emmy award

Together we produced three half-hour specials entitled “Talking Back: Life Theatre Looks at the American Family.”

“Talking Back” prominently featured our interactive dramatizations before a live studio audience and won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Current Affairs Programming.

Life Theatre Presents poster