Who We Are

Cynthia and Molly

Cynthia Cristilli & Molly Goode

Founders & Co-Directors

Cynthia Cristilli and Molly Goode have been friends for over 30 years and business partners for over 20.

From their beginnings as aspiring actresses in New York City, they combined their love of theater, their fierce sense of social justice and degrees in theater, writing and drama therapy to create Life Theatre Services.

Cynthia Cristilli
As a Drama Therapist, Emmy Award winner and author Cynthia has spent the last 25 years redefining interactive theater and its power to promote social change. As a facilitator, she is a subject matter expert in sexual harassment prevention, diversity and unconscious bias. Cynthia is dedicated to encouraging critical thinking around human dynamic issues through the lens of cutting edge theater and direct talk backs with characters.

Molly Goode
An Emmy Award winner with Life Theatre and a professional actress, Molly has performed in film, television, and on stage throughout the US and in Europe. As a writer, director, and facilitator, she is strongly committed to shedding light on intolerance and discrimination by creating theater that is smart, thought-provoking, and also entertaining.

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