Sexual Harassment

Noir-style poster for sexual harassment training

In my view as a risk manager, the LTS trainings will more effectively reduce the likelihood of future sexual harassment claims through the experiential learning of the participants who observe, question, and internalize the messages implicit in these performances.”

…That was a fabulous session. I loved, loved, loved the live performance. The actors were SUPERB. The writing was subtle and perceptive. That made for a rich and nuanced conversation that did justice to our maturity, professionalism, and better nature.”

We Know This Subject Very Well!

When it comes to the prevention of harassment, bullying, and assault, Life Theatre was ahead of the curve. We’ve been delivering presentations on sexual harassment prevention for over 20 years, well before the laws requiring training came into effect and decades before the progress of the #MeToo movement.

A Visceral Experience

You can’t download empathy, but you can learn it through engagement. Our short plays and interactive discussions offer employees a personal approach to understanding the impact of sexual harassment and abusive behavior. The use of theater provides a safe environment to express honest opinions and gain insights. Supervisors and staff examine the subtleties, challenge the behaviors, and hear their colleague’s experiences and thoughts regarding this form of sex based discrimination. Encouraging frank discussion assures employees that your company is committed to preventing harassment and discrimination in the workplace. These interactions create a catalyst for change that online training cannot achieve.

The impact of the Life Theatre led sessions is well beyond the rote learning that we hope takes place when employees only take on-line training.”

Full Compliance with the Law

All of our anti-harassment programs are in compliance with United States’ mandates, including California Assembly Bills 1825, 2053 and Senate Bills 1343, 396. Each consists of the following:

  • A fully realized three-act play depicting various forms of harassment, bullying and bystander response.
  • Programs facilitated by subject-matter experts with substantial experience in harassment, discrimination and retaliation. Facilitators lead each session, explain the laws, answer all legal questions and moderate the discussions.
  • An informational didactic on the definitions, laws and policies regarding harassment, abusive conduct and discrimination.
  • An interactive discussion between the audience and Life Theatre actors, facilitated by a subject-matter expert. Employees ask questions, give advice and directly confront the actions of the characters.
  • Hands-on practice with a character that is reporting an incident of sexual harassment. Participants learn not only the policies required by their company, but how to handle the situation in a way that is sensitive and objective.

I have received numerous comments and emails from people throughout the university thanking us for putting on such an excellent program…I am delighted that we are able to provide such an outstanding program for our Stanford community.”