Training Topics

Sexual Harassment

Image of sexual harassment

Life Theatre presents contemporary workshops in complete compliance with California State Laws AB 1825, AB 2053, SB 396 and SB 1343. Our one- or two-hour sessions introduce participants to the definitions, laws and protocols regarding sexual harassment and respectful behavior in the workplace. More importantly, they illustrate the impact of this kind of discrimination on both a personal and professional level.

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Diversity and Unconscious Bias

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Our model program focuses on acknowledging both conscious and unconscious personal bias. We feel elimination of bias is the necessary first step in examining the complex topic of diversity and inclusion. From this starting point, Life Theatre sessions can explore more specific client needs including race, age, gender, sexual orientation/gender identity, disabilities, and many more.


image of ethics

Life Theatre presentations target your organization’s ethical standards while placing an emphasis on principled behavior. Observing our customized dramatizations, employees gain a better understanding of your company’s expectations regarding ethics in the workplace. Working directly with the characters in our scenarios, participants can identify unprincipled conduct at work and learn how to respond to behaviors that may violate your company’s policies and values.

Conflict and Communication

image of conflict

Our dramatizations mirror familiar struggles with communication and conflict in the workplace. These interactive scenarios provide a forum to discuss issues such as; giving and receiving feedback, leadership skills, communicating upward, conflict resolution, managing electronic correspondence and other human dynamic challenges that face employees today.

Substance Abuse

image of substance abuse

Life Theatre’s plays tackle the issues of drug and alcohol dependency with sensitivity and realism. Together with the audience, our characters seek realistic, practical measures to address these problems and their effect on an individual’s career, personal life and physical health.

Customized Programs

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Tell us what you’re looking for and we will create original scripts, written specifically for your company’s needs. Our fully realized workshops are based on assessments, interviews, and topic research. These tailor made programs will include dramatizations, talk backs, didactic and skill building.